Organity products are certified organic. The term “organic” refers to how an ingredient was cultivated; without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, or antibiotics (in other words, chemicals which can harm your body). Many skin care products claim to be “natural”, but this can be misleading to consumers – there is no regulation of the term natural and even a synthetic product can claim it is natural on the label – this is important to be aware of so you can be sure of what you are applying to your skin.

Some products even use the term ‘organic’ leading you to believe they contain all organic ingredients, however unless they are certified organic, you cannot guarantee the product you are using is actually organic.

Organity is proud of its well-earned, stringent organic standards and certification – here’s what it means and how it benefits you.


USDA Certified

Guarantees ORGANITY™ customers we use a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. Products cannot be produced using synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, ionizing radiation or any other excluded methods (The USDA seal may appear on the package.)


Certified by CCOF

We are certified USDA Organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), which is a USDA accredited organic certifying agency and trade association. Formed in 1973, CCOF was the first organic certification entity in the United States. This gives OrganityTM customers further assurance of our quality and commitment to using certified organic ingredients.