ABOUT Organity

Organity is a USDA Certified Organic, cruelty-free skin care range, loaded with beneficial plant oils, powerful nutrients, wholesome vitamins and potent antioxidants. With Organity, you reward your beautiful skin with the finest, most effective and luxurious, hydrating and anti-oxidizing, USDA Certified Organic ingredients nature has to offer. Why settle for less?


Our Certified-Organic ingredients have been hand-selected for their intensely beneficial and skin-enriching qualities, so your skin will benefit from:


Deep moisturizing and hydration.


Improved skin elasticity


Fight off free-radicals


All of these ingredients are CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Organic refers to how an ingredient was cultivated: without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, or antibiotics (in other words, chemicals which can harm your body!). Many products claim to be “natural”, but this can be misleading – there is no regulation of the term natural and a synthetic product can claim it is natural on the label – BEWARE of what you put on to your skin and choose organic!

Organity is proud of its well-earned, International Organic Certifications – here’s what they mean and how they benefit you.


Guarantees ORGANITY™ customers we use a minimum of 95% organic ingredients


The CCOF name and seal has been trusted as the mark of organic integrity by consumers and buyers worldwide since 1973 and gives ORGANITY™ customers further assurance of our quality and commitment to using certified organic ingredients.


Organity Active Moisturizer is made from hand-selected, super hydrating organic ingredients, that make it perfect for dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin types. Organity Active Moisturizer does not contain water unlike many other commercial moisturizers, which have water listed as their first and major ingredient, with the real skin enhancers making up only a tiny fraction of the cream. The first, powerful ingredient in Organity Active Moisturizer is organic Aloe Barbadensis, an incredible plant which for thousands of years has been well-known for its skin care properties.

Just a little of this moisturizer applied after cleansing, absorbs quickly, providing deep-level hydration and leaves you with fresh, soft skin with no oily residue.

Organity’s Active Moisturizer is proven to hydrate your skin, leaving your face feeling refreshed, beautiful and radiant. Regain your skin’s youthful looks with Organity.

The Incredible Certified Organic Ingredients of Organity™’s Active Moisturizer

ABOUT Organity™

Organity Skin Care was founded with one simple philosophy – to bring you the best and most effective in certified organic skin care without using processed, damaging or artificial ingredients!

The skin is your body’s largest organ, through which substances can enter the body quickly and easily, so if you use skin care products containing pesticide-loaded, processed or chemical-based ingredients, these will be transported quickly from the outer surface of the skin into your body’s circulation… and because your skin absorbs up to 64% of what you put on it, think of the potential damage this could cause!

People today take enormous care to avoid eating pesticides or processed foods with their natural goodness removed. Instead, they try to eat natural, wholesome foods – so why not take the same care with what you put on your skin? Organity Skin Care products are formulated from only the best of nature’s organic, super hydrating and anti-oxidant ingredients, making sure your skin is kept healthy and radiant with zero-risk of harming either your skin or body.

Our skin care range is manufactured to an incredible standard and is USDA Certified Organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), a USDA accredited certifying agency. This total commitment gives our customers complete peace-of-mind they are using nothing but the best, most beneficial products with Organity Skin Care.